Rwanda Opens State-Of-The-Art Eco-tourism Park In Kigali City

Nyandungu Eco-tourism is now opened for public and seeks to raise awareness on the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and nature.

The facility was inaugurated by Rwanda’s Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente, alongside Hailemariam Desalegn, Former Primer Minister of Ethiopia.

Rwanda has put an effort in the conservation of nature particularly wetlands.

This urban wetland has been transformed from a degraded wetland to an educational and recreational facility.

Rwanda has already started to reap the income coming from nature, earning more than US$500 million annually into the country’s GDP.

The country is primarily focused on conservation efforts than the income; driven by the fact that conservation of biodiversity and sustaining ecosystem as key enablers in promoting green and sustainable development.

Kadu Sebunya, the CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation said, the opening of the Nyandungu-Eco tourism is a clear manifestation of Rwanda‘s role towards the move of biodiversity protection.

“Rwanda has made a name herself globally as a leader in biodiversity conservation with ground breaking and highly recognized work in the conservation of the mountain Gorilla’s,” he said.

He further added that Nyandungu-EcoTourism will cement the partnership with the conservation body in the mutual desire to see a thriving habitat in modern Africa.

The 120-hectare urban park is laden with different bird and tree species, including medicinal plants.

He also called governments to put more effort in the conservation, which he says has been put aside yet it is a source of traditional medicine that is still useful to a number of African patients.

He hailed the role of Africa’s forests in earning foreign exchanges from the tourists who visit the National parks and other beautiful sceneries.

 “Let us conserve those animals, birds, and water.  We are not going to develop and achieve our development goals without conservation,” he said.

Last year, the cabinet approved the request to nominate Nyungwe National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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