Pot Guide for Beginners plus Weed Delivery in Guelph

If you have not ever bought marijuana and have now decided to try it, you should buy cannabis carefully. Cannabis is mainly popular among stoners due to the high that it triggers. In addition, weed has some medical benefits as well. For the same reason, you can also place an order for medical marijuana besides recreational marijuana at a cannabis dispensary in Guelph. Moreover, you can also get cannabis to your doorsteps via weed delivery in Guelph. Nonetheless, you should also know that you can only buy cannabis in Guelph if you are at least 19 years old. This post will also tell you how you should purchase marijuana from a weed dispensary.

How Beginner Cannabis Users Should Buy Weed from a Cannabis Dispensary

Here are the things you need to keep in mind to buy weed from a cannabis dispensary:

Choose an Authentic Weed Dispensary: 

It may seem challenging for you to find an authentic wed dispensary as a first-time marijuana buyer. Nevertheless, you can find an authentic cannabis dispensary in Guelph via online customer reviews. You can go through customer reviews about cannabis dispensaries, including online and local weed dispensaries. It would help if you prioritized buying marijuana from a cannabis dispensary that has received many positive customer reviews. Moreover, you can also contact authentic weed dispensaries that sell weed online to clear your concerns regarding marijuana.

Know What You Are Buying: 

You should also know what you are buying from a cannabis dispensary. There are various ways to identify the quality of marijuana, specifically when you are buying it from a local cannabis store. Firstly, if you can see a white crystalline substance on your flowers, it is an indicator of marijuana quality. In addition, if you can see powdery mildew on flowers, it signifies bad quality weed. 

Besides, mildew on marijuana looks like baby powder. A smell can also tell you about the quality of weed. If buds smell like wet grass, mould, or must, or have no aroma at all, it means marijuana is of bad quality. On the other hand, high-quality marijuana will smell like citrus, skunk, or diesel fuel. Further, dispensaries offering weed delivery in Guelph to cannabis users must deliver marijuana in safe packaging. They have to do it as per Cannabis Act to prevent the quality of marijuana.

Ask a Bud Tender or an Online Dispensary for the Experience You Want with Weed:

 Different types of weed strains can trigger distinct kinds of highs. Moreover, cannabis with a high THC content will result in giddier feelings. Additionally, cannabis with high CBD content will aid pain relief and relaxation. However, it is not that simple to explain the cannabis high. Different strains with distinct THC and CBD content can kick in the cannabis high differently. Thus, you should ask a dispensary about the experience you are after if you choose to buy weed online. Or, you can ask the budtender in a local cannabis dispensary about the experience you are after.    

Don’t Forget about the Taste: 

The taste of cannabis should matter to you if you decide to smoke or vape marijuana. You can determine poor-quality marijuana if you get an acrid feeling in the back of your mouth or throat while vaping or smoking cannabis. High-quality marijuana will taste like pine, citrus, or fruit with a little earth or skunk.

Feel Marijuana: 

You can also feel marijuana once you get it at home, either via weed delivery or on your own. You should take a moment to feel what you are going to burn. High-quality flowers have slightly sticky buds, which are neither damp nor slimy. In addition, stems of high-quality buds should break easily. Feeling marijuana can also help you unearth the quality of your flowers.

Count on Your Instincts: 

Cannabinoids react with the brains of humans in different ways. In other words, it varies from person to person how marijuana may let you feel. Nevertheless, many marijuana users count on their instincts to buy marijuana and feel the desired effects. You may do the same no matter whether you purchase marijuana from an online dispensary like I Love Smoke or offline.


If you have never tried weed and decided to try it now, you should ensure you buy high-quality weed. Whether you get your weed via weed delivery in Guelph or on your own doesn’t matter. Buying high-quality weed should matter to you to experience the high cannabis or medical benefits of weed. The following tips can aid you in buying high-quality marijuana as a beginner weed user:

  1. Choose an Authentic Weed Dispensary
  2. Know What You Are Buying
  3. Ask a Bud Tender or an Online Dispensary for the Experience You Want with Weed
  4. Don’t Forget about the Taste
  5. Feel Marijuana
  6. Count on Your Instincts


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