Choosing Oil Burner Pipe Bong Over Joint For Smoking | Reasons

Hey joint lovers! How is your smoking trip going on? Do you feel the need for something more lit, euphoric and high? How about changing the way you smoke? Joint is undoubtedly among the best ways to enjoy weed because of its natural ingredients. Buds deliver the purest hit with natural terpenes flavors. However, joints are only suitable for smoking flowers. 

Vapes are fancy devices and their thick vapors draw the attention of every weed lover but are infused with various other chemicals. If natural purity and high concentration are your priority, we recommend oil burner pipes. In the table below, we will contrast the factors favoring oil burner pipe with comprehension. 

Why Choose Oil Burner Pipes Over Joints?

Comparison Factors Joints Oil Burner Pipes
Skills Requirement Joint is among the classic ways to smoke weed but it also requires skills of rolling. You will not be able to find pre-rolls everywhere. A poorly made joint may also spoil your entire stuff.  An oil burner pipe bong can be made up of glass or silicone. You just need to add the stuff to their burning chamber, ignite it and enjoy it effortlessly. 
Multipurpose Rolled joints only contain dry buds stuff or you can mix it with tobacco. It is not suitable for consuming any other concentrate.  With oil burner pipes, one can inhale weed in various ways. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weed lover, pipes are suitable for everyone. Along with crushed buds, you can also smoke pure wax, hash and rosin crystals. 
Instant Preparation In order to enjoy a great hit of buds with paper, you have to waste time on crushing, preparing a filter, rolling a perfect paper and then filling it with a strain. Despite having experience in rolling, it is a time-consuming process. All oil burner pipe devices come with a combustion chamber. Without wasting any minute, you can just put the stuff aside and start smoking. Also, the quality of smoking will remain consistent because no changes occur in the size or shape of a pipe. On the other hand, the joint forms in a different way every time you roll them. That might affect the smoking experience.
Price Factor A joint seems cheap when smoked once but its cost goes much higher if you are a frequent smoker.  Buy a high-quality oil burner pipe for once and feel free from everyday expenses. Moreover, there will never be the issue of running out of papers. 
Hitting Experience Herbs burn slowly in a joint and their smoke also distracts. Consequently, you get a lower hit.  In the combustion chamber of a pipe, herbs burn faster and most of their smoke also travels through the inhaling tube instead of distracting. As a result, you get a higher and harder-hitting experience.

If you are a frequent joint smoker, trying a pipe will surely give you a different hit and high. It is advisable to go with the option of a ceramic or silicone pipe. Glass pipes are also great but they are easily prone to damage. If someone is not comfortable with smoking, options of THC and HXC vapes are the perfect alternatives. 


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