Best Synthetic Urine Kits of 2022: Top Fake Pee Brands

Picture this: you just got your dream job offered to you, but there’s a drug test. Or maybe you’re headed to court unexpectedly—who knows why. Either way, a little weekend cannabis, not to mention daily medical use, shouldn’t be enough to get you fired, fined, or worse.

So what do you do?

There’s the awkward and dangerous move of asking someone for “clean” urine, whatever that means. You can try it! But assuming someone goes along with that and doesn’t report you, you might find yourself with a bad result anyway, from a positive test for something unexpected to news about a health problem that you definitely don’t have.

These days you probably won’t get nailed for being a “pregnant” dude, despite what you may have heard online. But the risks of using someone else’s urine are just as real as failing the test on your own.

Your best shot at passing that urinalysis in 2021 is synthetic urine.

The first time I read about synthetic urine, I was pretty skeptical. But the more I looked into it, the more interested I became.

Synthetic urine is real, and technically it is less gross than the real thing. As usual, we’ve done a huge amount of research to narrow down the top brands of synthetic urine.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits Available

  1. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit
  2. Clear Choice Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit
  3. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
  4. Piss Perfect Urine Delivery System

Synthetic urine remains the most reliable, simplest way to pass a drug test—other than just passing on your own. However, many synthetic urine kits available on the market are unreliable, or just plain don’t work.

Read on to compare the benefits and downsides of the best synthetic urine kits on the market today:

#1. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Technically, Test Clear is not even claiming to be synthetic urine. It claims to be derived from actual human urine—the clean kind, that is.

But we’re including it here for all of the obvious reasons, especially that it’s among the best synthetic urine or alternatives to taking a drug test yourself, however, you see it.

Since Test Clear comes in powdered form, you need to take the time to prepare your sample. Of course, the kit also lasts longer on the shelf as long as you store it correctly.

In this review, we will cover what Test Clear fake urine is, how to use it, what’s in the Test Clear Urine Kit, and anything else you need to know.

What is Test Clear Powdered Urine?

Test Clear has been around for many years, and it has an excellent reputation among its many die-hard followers. Its biggest differentiation points are these two, related claims that the company makes: first, that the product is made from real human urine, and so cannot register as fake; and second, that because it’s so accurate, it has “never failed in the history of the product”.

The product you actually get is dehydrated urine, a powder, that you add distilled water to. (It smells…pissy, even before you add water.) Shake it up and heat it, and you’re good to go.

Test Clear powdered urine contains most of the same chemicals you’d find in fresh human urine—obviously. Its vital organic and inorganic constituents include:

  • Chloride
  • Creatinine
  • Dissolved ions
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Urea
  • (And of course water)

What’s In the Test Clear Kit?

powdered urine test kit

The Test Clear powdered urine kit includes:

  • Powdered urine sealed in a vial
  • A second vial, this one a 50 mL medical version with a blue lid, for transporting your sample after mixing it
  • A temperature strip attached to the transport vial
  • Two (2) air-activated heaters in a plastic package

These are single-use heaters so timing is everything. Make sure you do this 45 minutes to one hour before the scheduled testing time.

The other key to success with any synthetic urine or product designed to fool a drug test is following the directions carefully. This is, frankly, even more, important with a powdered product as there are just a few extra places to stumble.

How Much Does the Test Clear Kit Cost?

Last we check the genuine Test Clear kit costs $49.95—better than the Quick Luck kit, but more than many alternatives out there. That’s because there are many frankly inferior products available. Don’t waste your money.

Test Clear Kit: Directions

  • Transfer the powdered urine contained in the smaller, sealed vial into the larger medical transport vial
  • Fill the bottle carefully with distilled water until it’s full as directed
  • Cover the transport bottle with the blue lid and mix the urine by shaking the bottle until the powdered urine dissolves completely
  • Open the air-activated heater pads and use them to warm the sample
  • Don’t forget to monitor the temperature strip

As a final note, it’s important to remember that this might not work for every drug test and every situation. You need enough notice to be able to mix the urine, and a delivery system if you don’t have privacy. (More on that below.)

However, Test Clear remains one of the best options for beating a drug test in 2021.

#2. Clear Choice Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine

An effective, premixed, unisex synthetic urine product. This product contains uric acid and urea that mimic real urine, and a very finely balanced PH. We’ve heard tons of great things about Quick Luck, and that’s why we recommend it so highly.

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These are exciting times, actually, if you’re hoping to pass a drug test with synthetic urine. Yes, they keep improving the tests all the time—but they also keep improving these synthetics. The Clear Choice Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit is a perfect example.

Quick Luck is at the top of the list for a simple reason. If you use it as directed it absolutely works, and you can keep it around to use at basically a few minutes’ notice. No mixing or extra risk—it’s just in your possession, ready to go, and you can heat it in seconds without help.

That’s why it costs so much, and that’s why it’s the best synthetic urine option—if that’s the kind of flexibility and reliability you need.

In this Quick Luck review, we’ll tell you the basics about the product, describe the brand, and how Quick Luck compares to Sub Solution, the other offering from the brand that is also on our list. We’ll also discuss how to use Quick Luck, and where to buy Quick Luck Urine Kits.

The Clear Choice Urine Products Brand

Until Quick Luck, Clear Choice urine products included only Sub Solution. At that point, like now, Sub Solution was among the best brands of synthetic urine on the market. Quick Luck is just as good and adds to this success.

Actually, Quick Luck is the most high-quality and complete synthetic urine product on the market today. It has everything you need to get the job done:

  • Includes uric acid, urea, and creatine
  • Contains other chemicals that occur naturally in human urine
  • Does NOT contain biocide, a trackable preservative some labs now look for in samples
  • Is within the right range for both specific gravity and pH
  • Looks, froths, and smells like the real thing
  • More convenient, because it is premixed
  • Adds the heat activator powder option for emergencies

Clear Choice Quick Luck vs Sub Solution

Is this the same synthetic urine product? Essentially this is a next-level Sub Solution adjusted for 2020. It still comes with heat pads which you should use, but if you’re in a jam, you have the powder. The big difference is that it’s already mixed and ready.

How to Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

The Quick Luck instructions are simple, but it’s essential that you interpret them accurately for your facts. What we mean is: all you need to do is heat the urine and submit it, but how you do that should depend on you and your test.

There are a few ways to bring the sample to the correct temperature range. You can use a microwave, the heat pads, the heat activator powder, or a combination. We have discussed heating synthetic urine in more detail below, but for this product, we have specific advice.

Heat the synthetic urine as you normally would, following the directions on the package and in this post. Don’t use the powder—unless:

  • You are in a hurry and have an unexpected test, or
  • Your sample gets too cool and you need to carefully bring it back into the zone.

But remember, the powder could get a warm sample too hot! Keep watching the strip.

You don’t have to heat the urine sample before you leave if you can’t or don’t want to, thanks to the pads and powder. In fact, even if you don’t use the pads, you can just add the heat activator powder just before the test. However, there are risks to this approach, including adding the powder and then waiting a long time for the test, only to have no more powder to add.

This is why we recommend, as much as possible, heating the sample first, maintaining the heat with the pads, and then turning to the powder as needed.

Where to Buy Quick Luck Urine Kits

the clear choice quick luck kit

Never “near me,” no matter what Google suggests. Buy them online, from the Clear Choice website, and here is why.

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that this entire vertical is unregulated. That’s not always bad, but it does mean that there are many fakes and counterfeits out there—and nothing gets done about them. There’s no help for a consumer who gets ripped off, especially when they can’t exactly explain how they got ripped off.

Second, in the case of these kits, it’s useful to buy the stuff that goes with them, too. The obvious, easiest way to do that is online.

For example, Quick Luck offers a practice kit with the kit itself for a combo deal price. If you’ve never done this whole drug test thing before, we recommend the practice kit. Or maybe you’re up for a highly supervised test and you’re looking for a sneaky delivery system.

Either way, you’ll find all of the best quality items online, and you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for ordering from the source.

Quick Luck synthetic urine is billed as the most complex formula on the market, but its real selling point is that when used as directed it is nearly 100 percent effective. For people who may have to drug test at the drop of a hat, it’s the best solution.

#3. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Urine Plus

A scientifically-designed synthetic urine for sale that ALSO ships quickly? This could be your saving grace. Also includes some truly awesome accessories that you should consider checking out (and picking up).

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Look, we know what you’re thinking: that stuff is expensive. Isn’t there a bargain option that actually works? Yes. Yes there is, and that option is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine or Quick Fix Plus as it is now often called.

At one point in its history before the brand added uric acid it was less effective, but all reviews and other information available seems to indicate that problem has long since passed. In fact, Quick Fix 6.2 gets voted best cheap synthetic urine time and again by a grateful internet.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a high-quality, lab-grade product that was developed for calibrating urine testing machines. There is a certain level of peace of mind with Quick Fix Urine because every batch is tested before it’s ever shipped.

Quick Fix is also in liquid form like the convenient yet expensive Quick Luck. This means there’s a more budget choice for emergencies out there.

What Are the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Ingredients?

Spectrum Labs, the people who make Quick Fix, really keep on top of testing trends. This means that Quick Fix 6.2, the latest formula, is as close to the ingredients you’d typically find in human pee as possible.

Quick Fix 6.2 includes pre-mixed urea, creatinine, and is chemically balanced for specific gravity and pH. Urea or carbamide is particularly important because it is an organic human waste chemical the kidneys make as they break down proteins.

Without this waste product, the body could not rid itself of excess nitrogen. In fact, pure urea is about 46 percent nitrogen. Typically, human adults excrete around 30 grams of urea daily, whether in solid or liquid form. Be advised that urea and uric acid, while both in urine, are not the same thing.

This is the only other synthetic urine that approaches the chemical accuracy of the Test Clear and Clear Choice (maker of Quick Luck and Sub Solution). It works despite its lower cost, and that’s why it’s here.

Quick Fix is our choice for anyone who tests often or is working on a strict budget.

#4. Piss Perfect Urine Delivery System

Piss Perfect With Quick Fix Plus

The site says it’s great for “piss play” but if you need to really make it look like you’re urinating, you really can’t beat a synthetic… member safely tuck in your pants, connected to your quick fix synthetic urine. This is the Cadillac of urine products.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

So, you have great synthetic urine you know works for people, but you’re about to be taking a supervised drug test—and we mean the kind where some nosy creeper is peering over a barrier at you trying to pee. This is where you need the absolute stealth of the Piss Perfect Urine Delivery System.

This is our top choice for sneaky delivery options for synthetic urine, no question. If you are the kind of person who freaks out in this kind of setting, and you want to be extra safe, it’s worth it.

Oh, and if you’re a dude.

(If you’re not, and/or you’re not afraid to bait-and-switch your sample, you have no need for this.)

What Is the Piss Perfect Urine Delivery System?

the piss perfect premium kit

Piss Perfect is not one product. It’s a whole kit with a few components that together are designed to help you deliver your synthetic urine to that creeper without incident.

Intended to compete with the Whizzinator and Monkey Dong—the other leading options that have been around for a while—Piss Perfect features an actual prosthetic penis structure that the synthetic urine will travel through to get to that sample cup. More than just a strap-on, the prosthetic piece attaches to a urine belt that is concealed under your clothing, and a chamber for storing the urine.

Now here’s the thing.

The biggest issue with Piss Perfect is that…it IS a strap-on, sort of. We’re not saying it functions in all of the same ways, and frankly, we didn’t try it in any other way. But if you’re walking around with a prosthetic penis in your pants, you’ve got some extra in there.

We point this out because it’s possible that someone will notice. More specifically, it’s possible that you may appear to have an erection. This isn’t always a bad thing, but if it’s making someone at a drug testing facility stare at you, it’s probably less than ideal.

Now, the prosthetic looks fairly realistic. It comes in five shades, and it will pass a cursory inspection.

Do we recommend that you practice first? Yes, we do. You just flip the device’s switch to start the flow, dispense your sample, shake, and get that thing back in your pants. You’ll notice that it’s a nice, even flow.

The real question is: will you feel weird walking around with the semi-erection that isn’t really yours, in a drug testing facility. So again, try it first.

But for our more nervous panelists, who just don’t feel comfortable with supervised tests, the Piss Perfect is the best urine delivery system out there.

What is Synthetic Urine?

When selecting the best synthetic urine kit for your drug test, there is a lot to consider. Here is some of the most important information you’ll need.

Synthetic urine is just artificial urine created in a laboratory. It shares the same chemical makeup as urine created biologically by a living creature, and it looks, smells, and acts the same, too.

Synthetic urine duplicates the essential chemical components and structure of clean human urine. The goal is not only to pass drug tests! This synthetic urine can be used to test and calibrate drug testing equipment, conduct medical research, and test domestic products such as cleaners.

Obviously, if synthetic urine is good enough to calibrate equipment used for drug testing, it must be pretty close to the real thing, right? Yes—but only if it’s created the right way.

All of the important components of natural human urine have to be present for synthetic urine to help you pass a drug test. This means the right ammonia, creatinine, pH, specific gravity, urea, uric acid, and sulfate levels all need to be there.

There are two basic kinds of synthetic urine: liquid forms that are pre-mixed, and powdered forms that must be reconstituted. Each has its pros and cons to consider, as you’ll see below, and each expires, so watch the dates on your kit.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

It really does. You just have to use it correctly—and sometimes that can be tricky. But here are the details.

It’s definitely easier to use synthetic urine than someone else’s actual urine. Here’s why.

First, it remains stable at room temperature, it’s easier to store hygienically, and lasts longer than human urine. This means you don’t have as much of a storage or concealment issue. Second, it is just as easy to warm it to the right temperature. Finally, you know for a fact that nothing funny is in it.

How does synthetic urine work? Obviously, it’s a bait-and-switch in that you swap out the fake urine for your own pee in the testing set. This is your alternative to adding something to your pee or trying a detox that, frankly, won’t work.

Remember: the main reason people fail with synthetic urine on a drug test is submitting the urine at the wrong temperature. It must be warm enough to suggest your body temperature, or your test will immediately be flagged. Following the directions on warming solves this problem.

The next reason people fail is solved by using reputable, reliable synthetic urine. Urine contains certain compounds that show the urine came from the human body, and good synthetics also contain the same compounds.

Finally, the remaining reason people sometimes fail drug tests using synthetic urines is by selecting the right urine for the test and substance you’re trying to hide. Depending on what you took and when the detection time will vary. Factors such as body fat, age, physical condition, and frequency of use all affect that detection time window, so be conservative in estimating how much time you will need.

Using Synthetic Urine in 2021

synthetic urine test kit review

Drug tests aren’t just a hurdle for daily pot smokers. Even first-time cannabis users can test dirty for up to eight days—sometimes longer, depending on all of the facts. (Find out more about how long THC stays in your urine here.)

For this reason, many cannabis consumers use synthetic urine to pass urine drug tests. This fact is well-known to drug testing companies, which means there is a constant “arms race” between companies who want to catch people cheating the test and consumers who just want to work and live.

The result of that struggle is all of the signs of stricter supervision in testing that you’re probably already aware of. For example, that nosy monitor trying to peer over the barrier and basically watch you pee.

This makes it harder to use synthetic urine, but it’s still doable—if you use the right brands and know-how. That’s where this article comes in.

Here you will find everything you need to know about synthetic urine. (In a companion article you can learn all there is to know about passing a drug test.)

If you use the best synthetic urine in 2020 and follow the guidelines exactly, you will pass your drug test. The synthetic urine brands we have reviewed and tested here are reliable because they satisfy 2020 testing standards.

Although lab testing standards constantly evolve and get smarter, the best synthetic urine providers create perfect replicas of clean human urine by duplicating the precise concentrations of creatinine, uric acid, and urea. Add in the correct temperature and testing conditions, and you’ve nailed it. These fake urines even smell and look like the real thing.

There are a host of important factors to consider when rating synthetic urine. At the top of the list, obviously, is the ability to hit current testing parameters in 2020. Other factors include complete lists of ingredients so you know what you’re getting, fast shipping times, heat-up kits, reviews bypassing users, and general reliability.

Based on all these factors, this is our list of the best synthetic urine kits. These are the top 5 synthetic urine kits on the market today in 2020. We also go into why these are the best synthetic urine brands in particular–what makes these companies as well as their products different.

Synthetic Urine: A Breakdown

Synthetic urine is a scientifically blended liquid that meets four main criteria: creatinine level, color, pH level, and temperature. Labs can often detect synthetic urine visually, as testers notice the poor color, “off” temperatures, or a lack of foaming.

The body’s muscles derive creatinine from creatine phosphate during metabolism, so trace levels are always in urine.

The chemical urochrome lends biological urine its color, which ranges from very pale yellow to dark amber. Urine always has some color, although factors such as diet, hydration, and medications can affect it. The best synthetic urines include shades of yellow or even green in their product.

Urine temperature begins to drop after just a few seconds outside the body, so lab testing typically begins right away. The normal temperature range of fresh urine is 90°F to 98°F. Anything outside that range will immediately be flagged. The best synthetic urine kits come with display strips that show the sample’s temperature and a heating pad to keep the urine warm.

Natural human urine foams because it contains albumin, and so do high-quality synthetic urines. Shake them just before handing over your sample so it will appear foamy with bubbles.

Should your sample fall outside the hash marks for these three elements, your lab may test the sample further. They will look for other constituents such as ammonia, glutaraldehyde, nitrite, oxidants, pH level, specific gravity, sulfates, urea, and uric acid.

As your body breaks down purines, it produces uric acid. This chemical then typically dissolves in blood and is excreted by the kidneys in urine.

In some cases newer facilities may also look for four additional substances often found in human urine: cotinine, produced as nicotine breaks down; theobromine and caffeine, both found in coffee, tea, and chocolate; and urobilin, which also makes urine yellow, and comes from degraded hemoglobin.

Remember, urine is about 95 percent water—but not tap water. Use only distilled water if you’re reconstituting powder to keep adulterants out of your sample. High-quality liquid synthetic urine kits only use distilled water.

Finally, even if you don’t go with one of our recommended synthetic urine kits, choose a trusted brand. There are plenty of fakes out there, and you’re not going to have any recourse if you get one. The real kits cost more—because they work. Always check reviews before snapping up what seems like a deal.

How to Use a Synthetic Urine Kit to Pass a Drug Test

Let’s get this out of the way first, in case you’re still not sure. Drinking tons of water before taking the test will not help. Diluting your urine won’t help, and in fact, a dilute result can hurt you. Just saying.

Moving ahead, there are two basic types of synthetic urine: powdered synthetic urine and liquid synthetic urine. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, not to mention specific guidelines for usage.

How to Use Powdered Synthetic Urine

The powdered urine typically arrives in a holding vial. Transfer it into the bigger mixing bottle. Add the distilled water-only according to the directions—usually, the kit will allow you to just add it to make it a full bottle.

Close the bottle carefully, and screw the cap on tight. Your next step is to mix the urine by shaking the bottle, and this also creates the foaming you need for the sample. Shake it until there is no sign of powder anymore and you see the bubbles.

If there is a heater, open that package and remove the paper. Stick the heater to the side of the vial opposite the temperature strip. Before you take your test the urine should reach 95 degrees, ideally. Shake the urine once more right before you use it.

How to Use Liquid Synthetic Urine

This is even easier because all you really need to do is open the container, heat the urine in whichever way works best for you, shake it, and use it. (See more on heating synthetic urine below.)

Powdered Synthetic Urine vs Liquid Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine comes in both liquid and powder form. There are diehard fans on both sides, especially online. (You’ll notice we have both on this list, because we’ve simply gone with the most effective choices overall, and because different options are right for different users.)

By describing synthetic urine at all we have basically covered what liquid synthetic urine is like. But what is powdered synthetic urine?

Whereas liquid synthetic urine comes in a concentrated but liquid form, powdered synthetic urine comes as a powder that has to be reconstituted completely. Both kinds of synthetic urine look, act, smell, and chemically mimic human urine. Some brands of powdered synthetic urine are created using dehydrated natural human urine, which may give you additional confidence on a drug test, who knows.

One of the biggest pitfalls with any synthetic urine is adding only the right amount of water. This is a bigger issue with powdered synthetic urine, which is also less convenient to use for the same reason. However, personal preference is important here, so the pros and cons matter.

Powdered Synthetic Urine Pros and Cons


  • Foams look and smells like real urine
  • The best brand is highly effective on tests
  • Easy to store, with a longer shelf life
  • Mimics natural properties of human urine well because made of dehydrated human urine


  • Less convenient to use, have to mix the urine
  • Must follow directions carefully, to the letter
  • The higher risk from being observed, and of ineffectiveness

Liquid Synthetic Urine Pros and Cons


  • Convenient and easy to use because it is pre-mixed
  • No risk of observation during mixing
  • Less risk to the effectiveness


  • Shorter shelf life
  • How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Obviously, when urine leaves the body it’s between 90˚F and 100˚F. That’s the right zone for your synthetic urine sample, and that’s what your monitor is looking for.

A room-temperature sample is getting rejected outright. A sample that is hotter than 100˚F is just as suspicious unless your last name is microwave, so watch the temperature strip. If the sample is too warm, open the container so the sample can cool just a little, and watch closely. Your ultimate goal temperature is 96˚F: where it would be if it came out at or close to body temperature, 98.6˚F, just a few minutes ago.

You don’t have to heat the sample to this exact level, however, if you stay within a realistic range. It is possible to submit a sample at the correct temperature with careful planning.

There are several ways to heat your sample, and the method depends on how much time you have and the means available.

The best synthetic urine kits include heating pads or other heating systems. This allows you to submit your sample with more confidence, and it’s always best to follow the directions exactly—that is among our top recommendations. This is why it is so important to choose only the most reliable synthetic urine product with a temperature testing system that works.

If you are DIYing the heating process or somehow you’re in a situation that’s different, there are basically three options to try: the microwave, hand warmers, or just old-fashioned body heat.

How to Heat Synthetic Urine in the Microwave

This may automatically gross you out but remember: it’s fake, and your microwave will survive more readily than your career if you fail the test. Start with no more than 10 seconds. Overheating can damage the specimen, so watch this closely and do not overheat the sample. Once you have it in the right zone, keep it close to your body to keep it there.

Heating Synthetic Urine with Hand Warmers

You can buy packages of portable, disposable hand warmers. Many of them claim to hold heat for up to 18 hours, and they are certainly effective. They are small enough to attach to your sample and keep hidden. Just as with any heating method, you must still verify that you’ve hit the right temperature with a temperature strip before you offer up your sample.

In practice, just attach the sample container and the warmer when you learn that your drug screening is scheduled. Keep the bottle warm, using body heat against your skin, ideally. Do not keep the bottle in the sun for this purpose! Direct sunlight can degrade your sample.

Heating Synthetic Urine with Body Heat
Without an external heat source like a packet or microwave, heating your sample can take some time—at least an hour. Plan ahead, especially if you may be subjected to random drug screening.

To warm and store a sample with body heat, aim to locate the container around your core where you are warmest. For men, this is typically beneath the underwear around the crotch. For women, that area works, as does inside the bra next to the skin. Both locations allow concealment as well.

Always be sure to verify temperature before submitting your sample! It is possible to have something next to your body for hours and still not get it warm enough, for some people.

Tips and Tricks for Heating and Storing Warm Synthetic Urine

Once you’ve warmed up your synthetic urine, ideally in the privacy of your own home, it may hit you: okay, that was the easy part. Because now you need to transport that sample to the testing site and pass it off as your own.

Actually, it’s not that difficult to trick a drug test with synthetic urine if you use a reputable product and follow the instructions to the letter. Here are our best tips and tricks for that part.

Synthetic urine cools off faster than the real thing, and both cool off quickly. Keep your sample stored, and close to you. Odds are you’ll be trying to hide it which works in your favor but definitely remember this part. You have at best six hours or so with a high-end brand.

Store your sample next to you in a place with enough room. For a few ounces of liquid, inside your underwear should work, and this is probably the best spot. For women, inside the bra is also sometimes good.

Remember no direct sunlight on that sample.

Many synthetic urine kits come with equipment to help you. Use whatever comes with your kit; it’s there for a reason. Use the heating pads and testing strip, and if it comes with a belt for hiding around the waist, try it.

This is also where the Piss Perfect unit—no pun intended—comes in. For a supervised drug test, there’s no better way to fool a monitor if you’re a man. We women have it a little easier, and may not need as much equipment, although anyone can benefit from a belt.

On the testing day, attach the heating pad to the belt and bag after shaking it a few times. Do this at least an hour before the test.

Secure the clips and trim the tube so it’s only as long as you need. Making sure the belt is totally concealed by your clothes, wrap it around your waist—the higher the better. The tube should be pointed down and the temperature strip must make contact with your skin.

When you get into the testing room and you have the sample cup, operate based on how much privacy you have. Carefully undo the clips and let the synthetic urine flow into the cup. Even with someone basically watching you, if you do have a delivery system like Piss Perfect or can sit down to pee with your belt and tubes (ahem, women) you should be able to get this done.

Synthetic Urine: FAQs

synthetic urine

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

All synthetic urine products, both powdered and liquid pre-mixed versions, have expiration dates. This is because synthetic urine has an unopened shelf life that is limited to up to two years—and maybe as short as a few months. Powdered versions tend to have longer ranges.

High-quality synthetic urine products are always marked with an expiration date. Follow that, and discard any kits that are too old.

Shelf life refers to unopened, unmixed products. Synthetic urine that has already been reconstituted or mixed is automatically more fragile and vulnerable to being compromised.

For optimal shelf life, store synthetic urine in a cool and dark place. Any kit that has been exposed to excessive heat or sunlight is unusable.

Can You Freeze and Reheat Synthetic Urine?

Some people, especially those who acquire urine samples from friends and relatives, freeze urine samples for use later. This is possible to do, but you need to bring it back to temperature later—especially with synthetic urine.

First of all, you can only freeze synthetic urine products that are not past date. Second, they cannot have been compromised, such as by sunlight or failure to follow instructions.

When it’s time to use the synthetic urine, it’s ideal to allow it to thaw at room temperature first, and out of direct sunlight. Thawing frozen synthetic urine in the microwave can cause a strange appearance in the sample due to an accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the sample.

Overall, freezing is not recommended.

Are There Other Uses for Synthetic Urine?

Yes, although the majority of users are probably trying to pass a drug test, like you. Here are some of the other things people do with fake pee:

Wildlife activities. Gardeners use synthetic urine as an animal repellent to keep pests such as rabbits and rodents out of their plants. Others who might be trying to encourage wildlife, such as hunters or photographers, might use synthetic urine to mask their human scent and foster encounters.

Pranks. Yes, some people have a lot of time and money on their hands and will do anything for a prank, including ordering fake pee online.

Training and education. Medical students train on clinical experiments, urinalysis tests, and more using synthetic urine.

Sales. Salesmen and marketers use synthetic urine to demonstrate things like cleaning agents, odor removers, and stain cleaners for carpets and upholstery. Ew, but true.

Research. Scientists need to use synthetic urine for a range of research goals.

Calibrating urinalysis equipment. Obviously, they have to make sure drug tests work somehow, and they’re not peeing on them themselves to do it.

Adult entertainment. Sometimes even those fetish urine videos are fake, too, how disappointing.

Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected Easily?

Not easily. But yes, you can fail a drug test with synthetic urine—particularly if you do not carefully follow every instruction. Buy a quality product, store it as directed, and follow the directions perfectly, and it won’t be.

How Do You Pass Off Synthetic Urine?

In other words, doesn’t the monitor have to see it coming out of your body?

Usually, a functional urination device deployed with care eliminates this problem even in a supervised setting. We like Piss Perfect the best, but others have tried Monkey Dong and Monkey Whizz.

How to Hide Fake Pee During a Drug Test

First, here’s how NOT to do it: just save it in your pocket and hope for the best. Instead:

Do wear a belt like the one that comes with Sub Solution. If your kit doesn’t come with one, wear your own and attach your synthetic urine to it. In some testing settings you may have to prove that you are not concealing anything in your clothing, so just assume that will happen to you and place your belt higher, between your navel and chest. This way you can even partly drop your pants safely.

Then run the tub down to the container, which you can hide next to your inner thigh. This way you can both lift your shirt and drop your pants without revealing anything. In the alternative, for bra wearers, hide the container beneath the breast tissue in the bra cup. (The excess boob will just look…like more cleavage, basically, if you arrange yourself correctly.)

Can you actually smuggle synthetic urine internally, like inside your rectum or vagina? In theory. Be careful. At least it will stay warm.

How Many Ounces of Synthetic Urine Do You Need?

Typically you only need to submit around two ounces of urine, but we recommend that you always be ready with a bit more.

Is there Unisex Synthetic Urine Available?

You’ve probably heard of dudes faking a drug test and getting caught…for being pregnant. That won’t happen with synthetic urine.

Most synthetic urine kits are unisex, and standard lab urinalysis panels do not determine gender. How you provide your sample—standing up or seated, for example—does matter to a supervisor, so be sure your urine delivery system is right for your gender.

Is There a Product Just For Women?

Synthetic urine kits marketed for women exist, but other than cost, they are not unique. Instead, opt for the most trusted brands.

Is Powdered Synthetic Urine Good?

The one we chose is, as we have reviewed it. There are downsides to the powdered version, mostly related to convenience and detection, of course.

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Especially if you are trying to beat a pre-employment drug test, you may worry about whether you are breaking the law by submitting a synthetic urine sample. This is a tricky area, and it will change based on where you are and what kind of test it is. Never substitute either guessing or reading a post online for doing actual legal research or getting legal advice from a qualified person.

That said, it is legal to sell synthetic urine in most states. It is also legal to buy it. What you do with it, of course, is where it gets tricky.

It is not illegal according to federal laws to cheat on a drug test. It may be illegal in your state. It is almost certainly a job-ending move, of course, and there may be other repercussions. For example, if you are caught, it may be something you have to report later on some job applications, depending on how they are phrased.

What Kinds of Drug Tests Are There?

Types of Drug Tests

A full drug test may look for these substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cannabis (or metabolites of THC and other cannabinoids, this is complex)
  • Cocaine
  • Codeine
  • Euphorics (such as MDMA and ecstasy)
  • LSD
  • Methadone
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

However, you may not receive a full drug test. There is more than one type of drug panel potential employees see.

What are the different types of drug panels? A 7-panel urine test includes:

  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cannabis (or metabolites of THC and other cannabinoids, this is complex)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

A 10-panel urine test adds methadone, propoxyphene, and quaaludes to that list, while a 12-panel test includes ecstasy/MDA and oxycodone/Percocet.

Can You Make Synthetic Urine Yourself?

You are a colorful risk-taker! Technically, yes, in your lab, but really? Go watch “Nailed It” and forget that idea, please.

Can You Mix Synthetic Urine?

Yes, but only two samples of the same kind of synthetic urine, both within their expiration dates. Do not mix different brands or past date samples if you want to pass your test.

Does the Brand of Synthetic Urine Matter?

Absolutely it does. Do we have affiliate links on this page? Yes. Do we stand by our reviews regardless? You bet we do.

Read online reviews carefully and you’ll see what we mean. There is a huge demand for synthetic urine products, and really anything that helps people get around silly cannabis prohibition laws in particular. That means a glut of inferior products on the market because when they don’t work, we have no one to turn to as consumers and sellers know that!

You don’t have to trust us but do your research. A cheap price and goofy marketing scheme don’t work at the office or in court.

If Synthetic Urine Works, Why Are There Bad Synthetic Urine Reviews?

99 percent of the time: user error. True story.

Most people who fail with high-quality synthetic urine kits either don’t read the instructions carefully or don’t follow them correctly. They may also have chosen a brand that has something in it specific to their testing criteria.

Are There Brands of Synthetic Urine I Should Avoid?

Yes. Reliability is the most important quality of the best synthetic urines. Cost, free shipping—nothing else matters if it doesn’t work.

Signs of a bad synthetic urine product include:

Weirdly low cost. If it costs $19.99, run away. For synthetic urine to work, it has to contain key ingredients like uric acid, creatinine, and urea, and those are expensive.

Goofy packaging and marketing. Yes, names like “Piss Perfect” maybe a little too “on the nose” for you, but we’re talking about brand names and boxes that could have anything from an energy drink to Axe body spray in them. That kind of look is not compatible with lab-tested goods like a reliable synthetic urine kit.

Does it look like a high school student designed it while they were high in art class? Is it called something like “Upass” or “Xstream” Dr. Greens Agent X? Avoid it.

How Much Does Synthetic Urine Cost?

It’s not cheap. The lowest costing option on this list is $40 for 3 ounces, and that’s with no accessories, really. Costlier options run up to $100.

However, your livelihood is at stake, so in comparison, this is a small price to pay.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine

Don’t let Google suggest the “near me” addition as you try and figure this out. Do not trust whatever is being sold in your local vape shop.

It’s not the fault of smoke shops. There are too many scammers out there, and the law is inconsistent from place to place. But if you want and need reliable, high-quality synthetic urine, order it online directly from the source. This way you can verify the batch, and be sure it will work.

Be especially careful of outlets like eBay and Amazon, the home of scammers who sell fake, adulterated, and expired synthetic urine kits. Order directly from the source.

Final Thoughts on Synthetic Urine

Is it fair that people like you and me have to take drug tests at all? Mostly it isn’t. Most of us safely and competently complete our work day in and day out with no trouble, and this amounts to harassment.

But it is what it is, and for now, synthetic urine is the best solution. Chugging water, “detoxing,” and hiding are not options.

If you are careful and diligent in your planning and execution, you will pass your drug test. The first step is choosing a brand you can trust, and getting to know how to use it.

These five synthetic urine kits and tools are the best on the market today in 2020. Optimize your chances and choose wisely.

*Disclaimer: We do not sell synthetic urine at this site, just review the available options. We make no claims related to the law and synthetic urine because we are not lawyers. We do not offer any guarantee that these will work for you because we are not the owners of any of these products and different circumstances will surely produce different results. Use at your own risk.

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