Best CBD Oil In 2022 – Top Rated Online CBD Stores For Hemp Oil

Constantly having to rely on modern medicine for a range of health problems can get tedious and exhausting. It may even have long term side effects on your body functions contributing to the downfall of your immune system. Therefore we have an easier and better alternative available to conventional medicine in the form of the wonderful extracts from the magical cannabis plant.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of these extracts and has a range of health benefits. Numerous brands use this extract in a variety of different products. One of the most popular products is CBD oil which is organic, consists of all natural terpenes, and expands upon the health benefits of CBD. Furthermore these oils have fast acting properties. Therefore it will cause you to feel their wonderful side effects soon after ingesting them. However, finding the best CBD oil for yourself may be overwhelming. 

That is precisely why we’ve made the process immensely convenient for you by reviewing the top five CBD oils in the market! Therefore, if you hold onto our list, you’re good to go and are likely to enjoy the true essence of CBD. 

List of Top 5 Best CBD Hemp Oil Brands In 2022

  1. Exhale Well – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market
  2. Budpop – High Potency CBD Tinctures
  3. Cheef Botanicals – Multiple Delicious Flavors For Hemp Seed Oil
  4. Hollyweed – Top Rated For Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  5. FAB CBD – Most Popular Brand For Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

#1. Exhale Well – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market


Although it is often rare for newly established brands to emerge as one of the best in such a short amount of time, Exhale Well contradicts this idea. Being only a few months old this brand has aimed to manufacture top-quality delta-8 products to offer consumers the numerous benefits that are a result of consuming them. So far Exhale Well has fulfilled its aim efficiently.

This Los Angeles based brand strives to manufacture various products with delta 8 and CBD as their main ingredient. While ensuring that alternate ingredients are organic, GMO-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Exhale Well continues to fixate on the ideology of quality over quantity. Therefore its wide range of products does not take away from their unmatched quality. Exhale Well produces a range of products including, vape cartridges, flowers, pre-rolls, gummies and tinctures.

This brand excels due to its highly professional owners who have health, science and business industry skills. Therefore Exhale Well actively works towards its mission by combining the collective skills of its team and using them to come up with innovative ideas. As well as manufacture delta-8 and CBD products consistently.

Exhale Well consistently conducts quality checks through each stage of the manufacturing process from the hemp’s growth to the final distribution of its thoroughly tested products. It sources its hemp from reliable Colorado Farms which promises consistency in its organic growing methods.


  • Exhale Well uses the optimal method of extraction i.e., the CO2 extraction method which aids in sustaining the benefits of the cannabis plant. 
  • Exhale Well’s CBD oil is put through extensive testing by reliable third-party research laboratories to ensure that the test results are not biased and represent that the final product is safe.
  • Exhale Well offers numerous customer service policies including a 30-day refund guarantee and free shipping on all orders. 
  • Its Delta-8 oil is the most popular, consists of organic, GMO-free and vegan-friendly ingredients, and comes in a convenient 60ml glass dropper bottle. Moreover, this hempseed oil is available in three kinds of potencies including 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. 
  • Exhale Well‘s delta-8 oil leads to multiple positive effects such as relief from stress, anxiety, pain and depression plus it also aids in sleep regulation. 
  • This oil is only available in one hemp-like flavor and consists of full-spectrum cannabinoids without any artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives. 
  • Exhale Well’s orders have a standard processing time of 24 hours. Moreover, its website is fairly informative and user-friendly as it has a separate FAQs section to aid in catering to its customers’ queries. 


  • Exhale Well‘s oil is put through extensive testing by reliable external research laboratories which have verified it
  • It is offered in a convenient dropper bottle made of glass
  • It consists of a mixture of full-spectrum organic terpenes
  • It uses the CO2 method of extraction for its products
  • Exhale Well’s CBD oil is suitable for vegans.
  • Its CBD oil is completely organic and does not consist of any preservatives


  • Exhale Well only has a limited number of customer reviews due to its recent launch
  • This brand’s return policies are only applicable to damaged products
  • Its customer service agents are only available via email or the website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Well

#2. Budpop – High Potency CBD Tinctures


Budpop is another one of the most popular CBD oil brands within the cannabis industry. It aimed to fill the gap that previously existed in the hemp industry due to the unfulfilled potential or top-quality products abundant in CBD and delta-8.

This brand was launched in 2021 and continues to manufacture various safe products while maximizing the various health benefits of the extracts present in the cannabis plant. It is owned by some of the best medical experts which has made it one of the most well reputed brands within the industry. Budpop‘s team consistently scrutinizes each stage of the manufacturing process including the extraction, production and final distribution. This is to ensure that they abide by its quality standards.

Budpop is likely to flourish in the upcoming years as it further gains recognition within the industry. Its premium quality products have already made a solid mark in the industry. And therefore it may just be a certain period away from becoming the no.1 CBD brand.


  • Budpop puts its final products through extensive research and testing by reliable third-party research labs. Moreover, this brand abides by the concept of transparency as it offers the test results on the official website to inform consumers of the product’s ingredients.
  • It offers certain customer service policies, including a return policy that applies to the first 14 days after purchase and responsive customer service agents via phone calls and email. Additionally, placing an order is fairly convenient and is followed by an instant confirmation email along with a processing period of up to 2 days. Moreover, you’re in luck if you’re a resident of the United States as such orders are delivered within 3 days.
  • Budpop’s website is fairly informative with various educational sources and claims on CBD’s benefits. However, these are associated with a disclaimer from the FDA along with a recommendation to consult a health professional before using their products to avoid triggering any existing illnesses. 
  • Budpop’s CBD oil comes in two flavors including peppermint and natural. Its oil comes in an easy to use dropper bottle made of glass containing 30ml of pure CBD oil which equals up to 30 servings. Moreover, each bottle of this oil consists of 1500mg of CBD per pack therefore it is a highly potent product.
  • The effect of this oil is widely beneficial as it aids in relief from anxiety, pain, stress, and nausea and contributes to better sleep by enhancing its quantity and quality. 
  • Budpop is slightly more expensive than most CBD oils and products because of its extreme attention to its products’ quality. The focus of the brand is consistent innovation by incorporating various blends of natural terpenes and flavors into its products. 


  • Budpop offers its customers CBD oil in two different flavors
  • Its CBD oil contains all-natural ingredients
  • It puts its products through extensive testing by external laboratories
  • It offers fairly responsive customer service
  • Each bottle of CBD oil has up to 30 servings which is a reasonable amount
  • Budpop offers customers who place an order of more than $70 the free shipping incentive on that order
  • It sources high-quality hemp from reliable farms spread across the U.S
  • Customers can benefit from a 20% discount on their first order


  • Budpop‘s products can only be purchased online
  • This brand does not offer an adequate refund policy
  • Customers can only opt for its return policy for the first 14 days of placing the order

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Multiple Delicious Flavors For Hemp Seed Oil


Cheef Botanicals has consistently been at the face of success due to its unmatched teamwork with its highly professional staff with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. This brand’s ultimate goal is similar to most CBD brands to manufacture safe CBD products with completely organic ingredients.

It has a well-designed website where each product is associated with its in-depth information. Furthermore Cheef Botanicals claims to abide by strict quality standards and contributes to this ideology by sourcing premium quality hemp from different farms across Colorado. These farms swear by their consistency and natural growing methods for their marijuana plants.

This brand has multiple positive customer responses representing a satisfying customer experience. Additionally it is mainly unique as its products have a strong hemp flavor and are highly potent. Therefore they work best for those with high CBD tolerance and possess fast-acting properties.


  • Cheef Botanicals opts for the best extraction method to maximize the core benefits of the marijuana plant.
  • Although most of its products are highly potent, its CBD oil is custom made for newbies as it has a subtle yet calming effect with its main ingredients being hemp seed oil and CBD oil. 
  • It consists of plant-like ingredients including certain cannabinoids and organic terpenes thus it promises a satisfying result. Moreover, it comes in a convenient dropper glass bottle containing 300mg of CBD. 
  • Cheef Botanicals is fairly reasonable in its pricing and adds less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC in its products, which falls within the legal limit for the United States. 
  • Cheef Botanical’s oil has an earthy texture and a taste that closely depicts the organic hemp taste. Moreover, its oil is manufactured using extracts from organic hemp from various farms spread across Colorado.
  • Cheef Botanicals thoroughly tests and researches its final products to ensure their purity and its oil contains a balanced level of delta-9 THC and CBD, which causes the right level of buzz without causing the consumer to feel heavily intoxicated.


  • Cheef Botanical‘s oil is made of organic ingredients
  • The effect of using this oil is calming yet subtle
  • Using this oil has a variety of benefits, including relief from pain, anxiety, stress, along with improved sleep
  • This brand sources its hemp from reliable farms within Colorado
  • This brand offers its customers a variety of CBD products with high potency and fast-acting properties.


  • Cheef Botanical‘s hemp mix CBD oil has a distinct, hemp-like taste that may not be appealing to most
  • Its products’ packaging is fairly basic

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

#4. Hollyweed – Top Rated For Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Hollyweed CBD took the approach of exceptional marketing, which played a part in its ultimate popularity. This brand is owned by the famous artist Zach Fernandez who seized the opportunity to change the official “Hollywood” sign to “Hollyweed” upon announcing the legalization of cannabis in 2017.

Therefore this brand was established after he collaborated with a group of professionals for research, development and innovation. This was to further expand upon the benefits of CBD. Hollyweed‘s mission is to offer consistency for its products while offering a range of products to choose from. Thus it has and continues to manufacture the best CBD isolate products, including vape carts, flowers, gummies, pre-rolls, soft gels and oils.

Moreover, the Hollyweed CBD team is immensely dedicated to screening each stage of the entire process including growth, extraction, processing and distribution. It also conducts extensive testing on its products by well-known external laboratories to verify them without bias. One of its most popular, top-quality, and reliable products, with fast-acting properties is its CBD oil. 


  • Hollyweed CBD’s CBD oil has a calming effect on the consumer as it works as a relaxant, has a subtle effect without causing intense intoxication, and aids in improving sleep. 
  • Hollyweed opts for the best extraction method i.e., the CO2 extraction method,  to ensure that the core benefits of the hemp plant are maximized in the extract.
  • Its CBD oil tinctures consist of other ingredients, such as organic terpenes, phytocannabinoids and flavonoids and comes in an easy to use dropper bottle which is made of glass. 
  • This oil has fast-acting properties and takes effect within 30 minutes of its consumption. Moreover, it is also easy to use as it simply requires the consumer to place a few drops under their tongue for less than a minute. 
  • Hollyweed CBD’s oil is verified safe as it has a certificate of analysis. Moreover, it has various benefits including regulated sleep, relief from anxiety, enhanced arousal, improved brain systems, and consistent mental focus. 
  • The official website is fairly informative and has a separate FAQs section to cater to common customer queries. Moreover, it has various customer service policies including a 30-day refund guarantee. 


  • Hollyweed CBD’s oil acts fast
  • CBD oil is made of natural ingredients
  • It comes in an easy to use glass dropper bottle
  • Its use leads to better sleep and a calm mind
  • It enhances the consumer’s appetite, arousal, and several brain functions
  • Hollyweed offers a full refund policy applicable to the first 30 days
  • This brand has an informative website


  • Customers can only purchase Hollyweed‘s products through its website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

#5. FAB CBD – Most Popular Brand For Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


FAB CBD was established in 2017 and has emerged as one of the best in the industry. It aims to consistently manufacture top quality CBD oil products by magnifying the range of benefits derived from the magical CBD extract. The aim remains to offer a useful alternative to traditional medicine.

FAB CBD has several products in its product line, including CBD oils. It sources its hemp from various credible farms in Colorado which claim to remain consistent in its natural growing methods. Thus no GMOs or artificial preservatives are used in the cultivating process.

This brand also tests its final products extensively via legitimate external laboratories to ensure unbiased results. These are also readily available on the official website to keep their customers informed of the ingredients of its products. Thus the brand thoroughly practices transparency.


  • Fab CBD’s oil consists of full spectrum cannabinoids and is highly potent with up to 1200 mg of CBD. 
  • Each bottle of this CBD oil contains 30ml of the product and consists of MCT oil along with various other organic and vegan-friendly ingredients. 
  • This brand’s products are manufactured using the ideal extraction method i.e., the CO2 extraction method. Additionally, the effect of its use is a feeling of euphoria, along with better sleep, and relief from anxiety, stress, or depression. 
  • The FAB CBD oil is offered to customers in a variety of flavors that include citrus, mint, berry, natural and vanilla. 
  • The brand does not limit consumers in the way of consumption therefore they can ingest it directly or after adding it to their meal.
  • Fab CBD’s CBD oil comes with a verified certificate of analysis and this brand offers a range of customer service policies including a loyalty program, several discounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee which led to numerous positive customer reviews and a 5-star rating for this brand. 


  • Fab CBD has a well designed and fairly informative website
  • It remains transparent regarding its products’ processes and ingredients
  • The brand uses the CO2 extraction method
  • Its products are non-GMO, natural and vegan friendly.
  • Its CBD products are budget-friendly


  • Fab CBD‘s highly desired products lead to them being out of stock
  • The brand’s website offers inadequate information for some of its ingredients and processes

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD

How we shortlisted the best CBD brands to buy Strongest Hemp Oil And CBD Tinctures

Undoubtedly there is a range of flavored CBD oils available for consumers manufactured by numerous brands. All these brands have a similar aim of maximizing the benefits of CBD through constant research, development and innovation. However not all brands within the industry excel in the safety and quality of their products.

Therefore our aim when shortlisting the list of the best CBD tinctures was to prioritize the brands which conduct thorough testing and quality checks on their products. This was to ensure that their final products are perfectly safe for consumption. Beyond looking at the ingredients and quality of the CBD oils themselves we also researched the brand’s overall credibility to ensure consistency.

Thus we considered the following factors when shortlisting the best CBD oils in the market for your convenient and beneficial use:

  • When was the brand established?
  • How far has the brand expanded since it was launched?
  • What are the various products that the brand manufactures?
  • Does the brand’s CBD oil consist of natural ingredients?
  • Is the brand’s CBD oil, along with other CBD products, suitable for vegans?
  • Are its products likely to cause any allergies?
  • What are the effects of using the particular CBD oil?
  • Does the brand extensively test its products?
  • Does the brand source organically grown hemp?
  • What other ingredients does CBD oil consist of besides CBD?
  • What dosage of CBD does the particular CBD oil contain?
  • Does the oil come in easy to use packaging?
  • What are the various customer service policies offered by the brand?
  • Does the brand offer any return policies?
  • Does the brand offer free shipping?
  • What do the brand’s customer reviews represent?
  • What are the pros and cons of using the particular CBD oil?

Our list consists of all exceptional brands that offer the best product without compromising its quality.

Buying guide for CBD oils: what to look for

As a customer conducting adequate research on a product or service you wish to opt for is integral to the buying process. Regardless of what the product may be, there are certain factors that you should cater to before deciding on a brand and its product.

However, in the case of a CBD product adequate research on your end is necessary because this chemical directly enters your bloodstream. It interacts with your bodily systems causing various short term effects. Therefore using the wrong product may lead to potential health problems.

There is a general rule book that you can follow to ensure that the overall brand offers good-quality, safe, and potent CBD oils. Therefore you should consider the following main factors before deciding on a particular CBD oil to ensure a satisfying customer experience:

1. The CBD oil’s price

Naturally the first instinct as a customer is to look at the price tag of a particular product to see if it fits into your budget. However suppose you’re considering buying a CBD product in which case it is important to note that these are normally at the expensive side of the spectrum. It is because of the extensive extraction and manufacturing method that goes into their production.

Therefore choosing a cheap CBD oil may translate into purchasing a low-quality and potentially harmful oil. You should stay away from these. On the contrary it is also important to ensure that you don’t get ripped off in the way of finding a premium quality CBD oil.

To avoid this the best solution is to conduct firsthand research by sifting through the prices quoted by top CBD companies within the industry to find the average industry price. Choosing a CBD oil that closely mimics these will be your best bet.

2. The CBD oil’s ingredients

Whenever you choose to buy a particular CBD oil it is best to ensure four main factors. Its ingredients should be organic, GMO-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. This will ensure that its consumption will not lead to any allergy triggers or alternative side effects.

The easiest way to ensure that a product is organic is to note whether it has been certified organic by the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA). You can easily find a list of these certified brands on the official USDA website. However it is important to note that this certification is fairly rare and is not granted to all brands.

To ensure that your oil’s ingredients are GMO-free,you have to trace back to the hemp used for extraction by the brand. Finding out the hemp source will help you note how pure and organic it is through its growing methods. L

To ensure that your CBD oil is vegan-friendly and gluten-free you don’t have to look too far. These oils mainly consist of hemp plants based ingredients and are not likely to include any ingredients that may trigger a gluten allergy or may be animal based. The only potential loophole may be if the hemp sourced for the oil is grown near a gluten-free crop. Therefore, you should ensure that you check especially if you are allergic to gluten.

3. Testing on the CBD oil

While many companies conduct thorough testing on their hemp derived CBD products this must be a requirement for any brand you choose to purchase from. Thorough testing from reliable third parties ensures that the product is safe without biased test results. Therefore you should ensure that you choose a brand that extensively tests its CBD oil to ensure quality.

4. A certificate of analysis

Following testing by a credible external laboratory the next step is to seek a certificate of analysis for the product. This certificate comprises details regarding what goes into the particular product. You should prioritize purchasing a CBD oil associated with a certificate of analysis accessible to you as a consumer. This establishes the credibility of the brand through their transparency and keeps you fully informed regarding the ingredients and doses of the CBD oil itself. Q brand not providing access to a certificate of analysis may be a warning signal suggesting a lack of testing or inadequate results as the reason.

5. The brand reputation

A particular brand’s standing within the industry speaks volumes regarding its products’ quality, safety and efficiency. Therefore you should browse through customer reviews and testimonials to look into your expectations from the particular product. You will judge the brand’s credibility further and understand the CBD oil’s effect on its consumers who pay impact your purchase intention.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Tincture 

Q1. How do brands make CBD oil?

Ans. The common ingredients of a CBD oil are the authentic CBD extract from the cannabis plant along with a certain carrier oil depending on the brand’s preference. The carrier oil may be hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The purpose of adding it is to enhance the purity and dilute the oil to offer a subtle yet calming effect to the consumer. Moreover various brands also add a certain amount of THC which impacts the level of intoxication that the consumer may feel due to consuming it.

Q2. What are the benefits of consuming CBD?

Ans. Research and numerous testimonials have proven that CBD is a magical alternative to conventional medicine to eradicate anxiety, stress and depression. It is known to be a relaxant and contributes to sleep regulation to aid those who suffer from interrupted or lack of sleep.

It has various other benefits too. These include improved brain functions, enhanced arousal and sexual performance, an improved cardiovascular system, relief from various types of pain as well as ease from nausea.

Q3. Is CBD legal?

Ans. Based on the law of the United States, the 2018 Farm Bill was associated with the official legalization of the cannabis plant. Therefore growing cannabis on American soil was announced legal due to its removal from the list of the Controlled Substances Act. All in all this plant is considered legal in all 50 states of the United States. However, some states have varied laws regarding the extent of its legalization.

Q4. Will consuming CBD lead to a positive drug test?

Ans. The main active ingredient of the marijuana plant is delta-9 THC which is likely to show on a drug test. On the contrary cannabidiol (CBD) is not likely to show on a drug test if its isolate is used. However, numerous CBD products also consist of traces of delta-9 THC to add to its effect. Therefore a significant amount of THC present in the particular CBD oil may cause your drug test to come out positive.

CBD Tincture – Conclusion

CBD oil is one of the best ways to consume CBD if you’re looking to take advantage of the numerous positive effects of using this magical extract from the marijuana plant. However, choosing the best CBD oil is an important factor because purchasing a low-quality one may cause harm to your body.

Thus, you should conduct adequate research to ensure that your chosen CBD oil is safe, pure, premium quality and effective. Furthermore it is also important to ensure that the particular oil aligns with your needs in terms of dose, pricing and servings.

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