5 Pros Of Vaping

With cigarettes and typical tobacco products on the decline, vaping with e-cigarettes opens a whole new way to look at the future of nicotine and marijuana consumption. This article aims to outline five of the most common pros of vaping over traditional smoking.

Safer Than Smoking

Although highly debated across many platforms today, it is generally believed that—while not perfectly safe—e-cigarettes pose less of a threat to the human body than traditional smoking does. Smoke from cigarettes causes tar and carbon buildup inside the lung, leading to a reduced lung capacity and, in some cases, lung cancer in later stages. Since vapes are smoke-free, many of those detrimental side effects are negated. As vapes are used over time, scientists will be able to determine whether similar long-term effects occur from vape use.

Control Nicotine Intake

Unlike cigarettes and other typical forms of tobacco, vapes allow the user to maintain complete control over how much nicotine is ingested. Vape cartridge packaging outlines the amount of nicotine in each pod, ranging from high concentrations to nicotine-free products. Because of this, many individuals trying to curb a smoking habit will turn to a vape. An individual can start at a high level of nicotine, slowly bringing the concentration down over time to wean off the addiction.

Endless Flavor Combinations

The vape cartridges contain a liquid, also known as vape juice, e-juice, or juice pods, and are what is vaporized within the vape. These come in a variety of flavors and combinations, ranging from minty fresh to citrus fruits to marshmallows and candy flavors. Additives like CBD oil, marijuana, or nicotine allow the user to customize the vape experience to what is preferred.

Affordable For Every Wallet

With a wide range of selections comes a wide range of price points. Vapes range from disposables for a few dollars to higher-end, high-quality reusable vapes costing between $100 to $300. Depending on the content, vape juice can typically range from $5 to $35. What you will spend yearly on vape products entirely depends on you, your tastes, and how often you plan on vaping every week.

Accessible With No Experience Needed

In today’s modern times, you can find vape products in most retail outlets, convenience stores, designated vape shops, gas stations, and even smoke shops. You can even purchase vape products online from custom vape shops and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Regardless, know that vaping is a straightforward and accessible activity.

Additionally, it is important to note that vaping does not require any previous experience. While you can take the time to become well-versed in the market and the products available, it is not necessary to purchase a vape. For example, vape pods are comparable to the size of a USB drive and have minimal controls, allowing the user to buy and puff without the hassle.

Regardless of your history, vaping is something that truly fits any individual. While walking into a vape shop may be overwhelming at first, know that you will find something that fits your tastes.


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