10 Ways To Use CBD In Your Daily Routine

Many people find CBD oil helpful in their journey to top physical health and wellness. They’ve discovered how it can help them with transient, minor discomforts after workouts and how it supports a healthy lifestyle. 

The many benefits of CBD may include better sleep, greater cardiovascular health, and a strengthened immune system. Getting these and other benefits depends on consistent use. 

Some people benefit from taking a single dose of CBD every day, while others find multiple doses more effective. Here are at least 10 ways (or more) you can consistently work CBD into your daily routine. 


Mornings are the perfect time to take your vitamins and health supplements. Adding a CBD gummy or edible here is an easy addition you’re unlikely to forget. 

Some take a sublingual morning dose of CBD before showering or after brushing their teeth.
 CBD Oil

Breakfast presents many opportunities to use CBD. Coffee is a good carrier for CBD oil, but the active ingredients might degrade if the coffee is too hot. Aromatic compounds in CBD oil are prone to evaporate quickly when heated. Putting drops in a cooler food or beverage, like iced coffee or a smoothie, for example, might be better. 

Avoid Grapefruit

Avoid mixing CBD with grapefruit or grapefruit juice. In fact, you may want to avoid eating grapefruit completely if you’re taking CBD. Grapefruit contains chemicals that interfere with how CBD is absorbed. This can make CBD enter your bloodstream much faster than normal. It may create an imbalance and trigger overdose reactions, like diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sleepiness.  

Noon and Afternoon

Getting CBD into your body at midday can be essential to maintaining a consistent daily dose. 

Lunch breaks are good times to add CBD to food or beverage. You can add CBD oil, tinctures, and extracts to refreshments throughout the day. Depending on your occupation, taking a capsule or an edible may be easier. Remember to chew your edibles thoroughly to absorb the maximum amount of active ingredients. 

You may try a maintenance dose at any point in the day. Track these doses carefully so you are aware of how much CBD is going into your body. If you use maintenance doses, take the same amount at the same time each day. 


Many people take CBD before, during, or after dinner.


Desserts loaded with sugar can hide the taste of CBD oil perfectly. 

Sauces like marinara and salsa can do the same thing. Generally, any food with a strong flavor (that isn’t too hot) may hide the taste of many brands of CBD oil, tincture, or extract. 

Flavored CBD oils and extracts may offer different options. Their flavor may be so mild you don’t notice it, especially in food with a strong flavor. They can be perfect in candy or ice cream.

The evening may be a good time to treat sore muscles from workouts with CBD creams. 

Many people like to take CBD before they sleep at night, using a sublingual dose or an edible

Take Notes

Being consistent is the key to getting effective CBD results. It is easier to maintain consistency if you keep notes. A calendar you can write on is very useful. Medication Tracker apps can help you monitor CBD dosage. With a little note-taking or app-watching, you’ll soon be taking advantage of all the benefits CBD oil may provide. If you’re interested in trying CBD oil yourself, ensure you buy from a natural, health-conscious brand like Sound CBD for the highest quality.


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