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Electric buses for better air quality in Nairobi

Kenya’s capital Nairobi aims to include more electric vehicles in its public transport network. This is an effort to reduce harmful carbon emissions in the city, with two e-buses currently in service.


Senegal: Local recycling as a role model

A bin for plastic bottles, a different one for cans, and another for food waste. A city in Senegal is teaching its residents how waste has become a resource by getting them to separate their garbage.


DRC: Ensuring sea turtles’ reproduction

The construction of a deep-water port in the Democratic Republic of Congo threatens the biodiversity in the coastal area, especially sea turtles. But Eco-guards are doing all they can to preserve the turtle population.


Romania: The billion dollar illegal trash industry

Romania’s capital is buried in smoke from burned trash that comes from all over Europe. The dubious business is being investigated. Prosecutors and activists are sounding the alarm about organized crime structures.



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