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Raipur: On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, a marathon was organised in the Jashpur Nagar to create awareness among the masses for preserving biodiversity in tribal areas of the district.
Parliamentary secretary U.D. Minj, who represents Kunkuri constituency in the assembly, and Jashpur MLA Vinay Bhagat flagged off the marathon, which started from the collectorate complex and ended at the Ranjita stadium.
Collector Ritesh Kumar Agrawal, superintendent of police Rajesh Agarwal, DFO Jitendra Kumar Upadhyay, assistant commissioner B.K. Rajput were among the officers who attended the marathon.
Addressing the closing ceremony, Parliamentary secretary UD Minj said that Jashpur has a rich bio-diversity. He said Jashpur has a varied climate ranging from zero degree to 45 degrees Celsius. There are many types of waterfalls, flora and fauna, which need to be preserved.
MLA Vinay Bhagat mentioned the beauty of the district, its biodiversity, forest water and others. He said everyone has to come forward to conserve the environment’s biodiversity.
Collector Ritesh Aggarwal encouraged the youth to have the maximum participation in conserving and protecting the environment. From the soil to the sky, we have to make efforts in every direction, we have to plant trees and save them. He said that the biggest threat to the environment is being caused by plastic and its use should be avoided.
DFO Jitendra Upadhyay said that in the whole universe it is the humans who are the most intelligent hence it is our utmost responsibility to preserve biodiversity.
During the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity, a photo exhibition was also organised where Jashpur’s varied species of butterflies, birds, animals, flora and fauna, and waterfalls were exhibited.

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