Honda joins alliance dedicated to biodiversity protection

MANILA: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. stated that it is now a part of the “30 by 30 Alliance for Biodiversity,” a group dedicated to preserving biodiversity, one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.


  • What are the 30 by 30 targets?

    The 30 by 30 targets are international goals to conserve and protect at least 30% of the Earth’s land and oceans by 2030.

  • What kinds of activities are being organized by the 30 by 30 Alliance in order to meet these targets?

    The 30 by 30 Alliance conducts efforts to increase protected areas, including national parks, and enhance the standard of management applied to such areas, in order to meet the 30 by 30 targets.

  • The 30 by 30 targets, which were addressed at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) Part 1 in October 2021, are international targets to conserve and protect at least 30% of Earth’s land and ocean by 2030. The 30 by 30 Alliance was formed in Japan as a partnership of governments, including the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, corporations, and non-profit groups, with the goal of establishing structures and procedures that would help Japan meet its 30 by 30 targets.

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