Goa’s notified wetlands to go up to 13: Govt | Goa News

PANAJI: In addition to the six notified recently, Goa will soon get seven more wetlands, environment minister Nilesh Cabral said on Sunday, during celebrations of the International Day for Biological Diversity by the Goa state biodiversity board (GSBB).
“From no wetlands, we have seven wetlands today. We will be notifying six more wetlands soon. The state is also in the process of preparing its biodiversity strategy and action plan,” said the minister. After the success of the multiprocessing centre at Pale, a second one has been set up at Curchorem now, said Cabral.
He said the multiprocessing centres train local women to process and make byproducts from various natural produce like jackfruits.
The initiative helps biodiversity conservation by providing livelihood from the natural produce and has been named the GoVan project by the GSBB.
The state government is committed towards biodiversity conservation through people’s participation, said Cabral. He said that across Goa, people’s biodiversity registers are being continuously upgraded by village-level biodiversity management committees, documenting the biodiversity at the local level.
“This year’s theme for the International Day for Biological Diversity 2022 is ‘building shared future for all’ and we need to plan for biodiversity conservation for the next decade now,” said GSBB member secretary Pradip Sarmokadam.
Zoologist Manoj Borkar explained the link between biodiversity and environmental conservation and prevention of pandemics.
“The ancient Indian texts have always spoken about the importance of biodiversity conservation. The growth of one species should not be at the cost of others, this is the principle behind biodiversity conservation,” said Arun Kumar Mishra, environment secretary for the state.

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