Exhibition Held in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Tigers in Anamalai Tiger Reserve
Tigers in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) held an exhibition of wildlife-themed coins, stamps, and postal covers today at Top Slip to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity. M.G. Ganesan, Deputy Director of ATR, stated that the exhibition drew over 1,000 visitors who were eager to learn about the significance of International Day for Biological Diversity.

“The exhibition included 163 currencies, 153 coins, and numerous stamps and postal covers depicting the biological diversity of various countries. Countries issued several special postal covers and stamps to highlight the importance of birds, animals, and other living organisms,” he explained.

The coins, currencies, postal stamps, and covers on display came from Murali of Pollachi’s collection, which holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of replacement banknotes.

At the exhibition, children were given jigsaw puzzles about biological diversity. Doormats made by tribal women were available for purchase near the exhibition hall.

According to ATR officials, over 400 doormats were sold, with the proceeds going toward tribal welfare activities. In April, the department purchased a doormat weaving machine and trained tribal women.

About Anamalai Tiger Reserve:

Anamalai Tiger Reserve was created by the Anamalais in Tamil Nadu. The reserve’s Tamil Nadu portion is known as the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR). It is located in the Southern Western Ghats, south of the Palakkad gap.

Anamalai Tiger Reserve is located in southwest India’s Western Ghats mountain chain, which has been designated as one of the 25 Global Biodiversity Hotspots. Western Ghats is one of the country’s eight “hottest hot spots” according to its biogeographical classification.

Anamalai Tiger Reserve has diverse fauna and flora that is typical of the region. Wet evergreen forests, semi-evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous forests, and dry thorn and shola forests are all found in the Tiger Reserve. Other distinct habitats include montane grasslands, savannah, and marshy grasslands.

A significant area of man-made teak plantations, exotics such as eucalyptus, wattle, pines, and deep freshwater ecosystems created by the construction of the Parambikulam Aliyar Project dams, among other things, add to the diversity of the area.

First published on: 22 May 2022, 07:35 IST

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