Egypt Celebrates World Day for Biological Diversity 2022

Egypt celebrated the World Day for Biological Diversity 2022 on social media- press photo

Egypt celebrated the World Day for Biological Diversity 2022 on social media- press photo

CAIRO – 22 May 2022: Under the slogan “Building a shared future for all life,” Egypt celebrated the World Day for Biological Diversity 2022, on May 22, on the social media platforms of the Ministry of Environment, by presenting a number of videos and posts to raise awareness of biological diversity and its importance to the environment and human being.


The virtual campaign aimed also to highlight the human and the society’s role in protecting and preserving the natural resources, said the Egyptian Ministry of Environment in a statement on Sunday.


“Preserving biological diversity is the way to confront many of the challenges of sustainable development, as it is the basis on which we can build to provide solutions harmonious with nature in all environmental issues when it comes to climate, health, food and water security until we reach sustainability in all aspects of our lives,” said Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad.


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The Minister said that the government supports environmental work and the preservation of biological diversity, as it worked on the development of natural reserves and the activation of a vision to achieve sustainability of its resources as one of the directives of the political leadership.


She added that the Ministry adopted a system to control tourism activities in the natural reserves of South Sinai and the Red Sea, as well as implementing a program to develop infrastructure and services provided to visitors in a number of nature reserves, where the development of 13 reserves was completed.


She also shed light on the launch of the Eco Egypt campaign for environmental tourism to protect biological diversity.


“The Ministry is combating illegal trade in wildlife in cooperation with the General Department of the Environment Police and the concerned authorities through implementing an annual plan to inspect markets, places and stores selling wild animals,” she said. Also, periodic inspections of farms, and tourist villages are being carried out nationwide, she continued.


The Ministry is cooperating with civil society organizations, animal rights activists and volunteers in dealing with reports and seizures of wild animals, as well as the process of re-releasing animals and birds into their environment again.


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