5 Best Bubblers You Can Try In 2023

The process of finding the right bubbler can be a very difficult one as due to their popularity, there is an abundance of them in the market. They also come in different sizes, materials and designs which might confuse the buyer. To save you the lengthy work, we have compiled a list of the best bubblers there are, you can get these bubblers delivered right at your doorstep and you can easily buy them online.

This is the list of best bubblers available in the market right now for both new and seasoned smokers:

Our Top Bubblers For A Smoother Smoke

  1. ELEV8 Custom SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece – Best Bubbler Overall, Editor’s Choice
  2. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler – Very Popular Glass Bubbler
  3. GRAV 7” Upright Bubbler – Most Demanded Bubbler To Use With Dry Herbs
  4. GRAV 3” Hammer Bubbler – Amazing Bubbler For Smokers
  5. GRAV® Globe Bubbler – One Of The Coolest Weed Bubblers

1. ELEV8 Custom SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece – Best Bubbler Overall, Editor’s Choice

Elev8 Custom sidekick bubbler

For lovers of vaporizers, the ELEV8 Custom SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece is an unique addition. It is made to provide a cool and smooth hit while also reducing the harshness of the vapor to improve the vaping experience.

High-quality borosilicate glass, which is renowned for its durability and resilience to heat, is used to create the SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece. The glass substance also allows a pure taste because it has no impact on the vapor’s flavor. Before the vapor reaches the user, the mouthpiece’s bubbler design filters and cools it using water. As a result, there is a smoother, cooler hit that is also less abrasive.

The mouthpiece is a versatile accessory because it has a unique design that enables it to fit on most vaporizers. The water can be quickly refilled as necessary, and it is simple to install and use. The SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece’s design also makes cleaning simple because the glass can be taken out and cleaned separately.

The SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece not only has practical advantages, but also a slick and fashionable design. The borosilicate glass design is robust and beautiful, and it is available in a range of colors to accommodate your style. The mouthpiece is easy to hold and use, and it fits ergonomically and comfortably.

The ELEV8 Custom SideKick Bubbler Mouthpiece is a premium addition that is designed to enhance the overall vaping experience. It reduces the harshness of the vapor while also delivering a cool, smooth hit. This mouthpiece is a must  for vape enthusiasts because of the bubbler design, premium borosilicate glass construction, and custom design. It will take your vaping experience to the next level and is a perfect complement for best vape pens for vaping.

You can find this mouthpiece on Dopeboo for a very reasonable price. 

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

Cannabis smokers will definitely love the unique and fashionable Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler. High-quality borosilicate glass, famed for its toughness and resilience to heat, is used to create the bubbler. The glass has a frosted or smoked finish that gives it a sleek and contemporary appearance.

The bubbler has a deep bowl and a stem that goes to a chamber with water inside of it. Smoking becomes a smooth and enjoyable experience thanks to the water’s assistance in filtering and cooling the smoke. The bubbler also has a carb hole, which enables the user to regulate the airflow and expel smoke from the chamber.

The ergonomic design of the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler is one of its most notable qualities. The bubbler has a comfortable grip and a balanced weight, making it simple to hold and operate. It is an excellent solution for daily usage because it is also simple to maintain and clean.

The Marley Naturals brand is renowned for its dedication to sustainability and high quality. In its manufacturing process, the company applies sustainable practices and sources its components responsibly. The bubbler also comes with a carrying pouch and cleaning brush in an environmentally friendly box.

The bubbler is a fantastic option for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a high-quality and fashionable smoking accessory. The smoking experience is smooth and delightful, and it’s simple to use and keep.. For people who care about the effect their products have on the environment, the Marley Natural brand is a perfect choice because of its dedication to quality and sustainability.

In conclusion, the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler is a fine piece of glassware that is ideal for smoking cannabis. It has a tough borosilicate glass construction, a smoked or frosted finish, a deep bowl, a stem, a carb hole, and a chamber containing water to chill and filter the smoke. It comes with a cleaning brush and carrying pouch, and its ergonomic shape makes it simple to grip and operate. Additionally, the Marley Natural brand is well-known for its dedication to sustainability and quality, making this bubbler a fantastic choice for anyone who is concerned about the influence their products have on the environment. The products of this brand are inspired by Bob Marley’s outlook towards natural, sustainable and healthy living. Above all that, it is available on Dopeboo at an affordable price so anyone can get one from there.

3. GRAV 7” Upright Bubbler – Most Demanded Bubbler To Use With Dry Herbs

Grav Upright bubbler

The GRAV 7″ Upright Bubbler is a distinctive and superior water pipe made specifically for usage with dry herbs. This 7-inch-tall bubbler is composed of thick borosilicate glass, which is strong and resistant to high temperatures. One of the unique features of the GRAV 7″ Upright Bubbler is its upright design. This makes it possible for the user to comfortably smoke the pipe whether standing or sitting, as well as to access the bowl with ease. The bowl, which is at the top of the pipe, may carry a sizable amount of marijuana.

Additionally, the GRAV 7″ Upright Bubbler has an integrated diffused downstem. The smoke is divided up into smaller bubbles by this diffused downstem, which cools the smoke as it  passes through the water. In addition to cleaning the pipe and limiting the amount of ash and particles that can reach the mouthpiece, the water also serves as a natural ash catcher.

Another excellent feature of the GRAV 7″ Upright Bubbler is its neck shape. This design makes it easier to use since it keeps the heat away from the face and helps to keep water from getting into the mouthpiece. The pipe also has a distinctive and fashionable appearance thanks to its neck design.

A GRAV 7” upright bubbler also comes with a 14mm GRAV funnel bowl made of premium borosilicate glass. This bowl can be readily removed for cleaning or replacement and is made to suit the pipe flawlessly.

Upkeep of this bubbler pipe is also quite simple. It is possible to separate the pipe into multiple parts and clean it with salt and isopropyl alcohol or by using a specialized pipe cleaning solution. The pipe is made up of scratch-resistant borosilicate glass, which makes cleaning it simple and ensures that it always looks brand new.

To sum up, the GRAV 7″ Upright Bubbler is a high-quality, distinctive water pipe that offers a cool upright design, built-in diffused downstem, and beautiful neck design. Since it is composed of thick borosilicate glass, it is strong and resistant to high temperatures. The pipe is simple to maintain and clean, and it includes a 14mm GRAV funnel bowl. You can easily find it online on Dopeboo’s website and have it delivered to your door. In a nutshell, anyone looking for a distinctive and high-quality water pipe should consider the GRAV 7 ” Upright Bubbler. 

4. GRAV 3” Hammer Bubbler – Amazing Bubbler For Smokers

Grav hammer bubbler

The GRAV 3” Hammer Bubbler is a hand-held water pipe used for smoking dry herbs. The pipe is made with transparent borosilicate glass, a material renowned for its toughness and resilience to heat.

The hammer-shaped design of the GRAV 3″ Hammer Bubbler is among its most distinctive qualities. The pipe’s hammer form makes it easy to hold while smoking and provides it a unique, fashionable appearance. Additionally, the pipe features an integrated diffused downstem that aids in filtering and cooling the smoke before it is inhaled.

A small chamber for storing water is also a cool feature of the GRAV 3” Hammer Bubbler. The smoke is filtered by the water, which  helps to chill it before it is inhaled. As a result, smoking is more comfortable and cool. Additionally, the water helps to filter out some of the pollutants and ash from the smoke, improving the user’s experience.

The 14mm male joint on the Hammer Bubbler allows it to work with 14mm accessories like bowls and ashcatchers. By doing so, the user can personalize their smoking experience and improve the smoke’s filtration.

Because the GRAV 3” Hammer Bubbler is lightweight and compact, carrying it everywhere is simple. It can be dismantled and cleaned using salt and isopropyl alcohol, making it simple to clean and maintain.

The GRAV 3″ Hammer Bubbler is a sleek and high-end water pipe that is intended to be used with dry herbs. It has a distinctive hammer-shaped design, a downstem diffuser built right in, and a little chamber where water can be kept to filter and chill the smoke. Additionally, it features a 14mm male joint so that it can work with other attachments. It is a fantastic option for smokers seeking a new bubbler water pipe due to its portability, simplicity of maintenance, and reasonable pricing.

5. GRAV® Globe Bubbler – One Of The Coolest Weed Bubblers

Grav globe bubbler

The GRAV® Globe Bubbler is a distinctive and fashionable water pipe created to offer a comfortable and pleasurable smoking experience. The bubbler is constructed with transparent borosilicate glass, a durable and heat-resistant variety of glass. This substance is visually enticing for smokers since it makes it simple to see the water and smoke inside the pipe.

The water in the Globe Bubbler is kept in a huge, round chamber. The water serves as a filter, allowing the smoke to travel through while being cooled and smoothed down. As a result, smoking is considerably smoother and more pleasurable, and it also lessens how harsh the smoke feels on the throat and lungs.

Additionally, the pipe has a 14mm male joint that can be used to attach it to a bowl or other smoking accessories. The junction is created to offer a safe and airtight connection and is composed of sturdy glass. Additionally, the bowl is made of clear glass, allowing the user to view the substance being smoked.

The globe-shaped design of the Globe Bubbler is one of its most unique qualities. The pipe has a distinctive and attractive appearance due to the spherical chamber and transparent glass construction, making it a chic addition to any smoker’s collection. The design is made more functional by the globe’s form, which enables a bigger water chamber and a more effective filtering mechanism.

A matching 14mm clear glass flower slide is also included with the GRAV® Globe Bubbler to cover the bowl and prevent ash and other debris from getting inside the pipe. The slide is simple to take out and put back in, making cleaning and maintaining the pipe a breeze.

Overall, the GRAV® Globe Bubbler is a premium water pipe that’s created to make smoking marijuana smooth and enjoyable. In addition to its big water chamber and effective filtration system, its distinctive globe form and clear glass construction make it an aesthetically appealing option for smokers. This stunning weed bubbler is available on Dopeboo for a really good price.

What Are Bubblers?

Bubblers are a smoking device that combines the advantages of a bong and a pipe. In most cases, it has a stem for inhaling smoke and a chamber for storing water. Before being inhaled by the user, the smoke is produced by burning tobacco, herbs, or other materials and is filtered via water.

The water in the bubbler has multiple functions. The smoke is first made less abrasive on the throat and lungs by cooling. Second, it removes some of the hazardous compounds and smoke-containing particles by filtering. As a result, the smoke may be less irritant to the eyes, nose, and throat, as well as less likely to cause respiratory issues.

Bubblers are available in a broad range of styles and materials, from simple glass forms to detailed and ornate pieces. Glass Bubblers can be produced in a number of forms and colors and are simple to clean, due to this they are a popular option among cannabis enthusiasts and consumers. However, various materials, like ceramic, wood, and even metal, can also be used to make bubblers.

A bowl for holding the smoking material, a stem for inhaling the smoke, and a chamber filled with water are the standard components of a bubbler. A percolator, a device that produces bubbles in the water to further filter and chill the smoke, is also a feature of some bubblers.

A bubbler is also more portable and practical to use because it is smaller than a bong. You can try some of the best bongs for smoking weed and feel the difference. 

An additional benefit of using a bubbler is that it makes smoking more discreet. A bubbler creates smaller, less noticeable plumes of smoke as opposed to a bong, which can create substantial clouds of smoke. 

A bubbler needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it  functional and presentable. Disassembling a bubbler and soaking the individual parts in a salt-rubbing-alcohol solution is the best method for cleaning it. Any resin or ash buildup will break down and be eliminated as a result. Before putting the bubbler back together after soaking, the parts can be cleaned with water and dried.

How We Choose The Best Bubblers?

There are a few important things to think about when purchasing a bubbler to make sure you obtain the finest one for your needs. We made this list keeping the following factors into account that you should too while shopping for a bubbler:

  • The Bubbler’s size and design are first and foremost. Bubblers are available in a range of sizes and designs, from compact, portable models to bigger, more aesthetically pleasing items. Consider where you’ll be using the bubbler and pick a style that will look good there.
  • The bubbler’s material is the next thing to consider. Because of their attractive appearance and longevity, glass bubblers are a popular choice, but because of their fragility, they might not be the greatest choice for people who have children or pets. For homes with children or pets, ceramic or metal bubblers can be a more sensible option.
  • The bubbler’s percolation system is another important consideration. Before the smoke is inhaled, water filters and cools it using a percolation mechanism. Multiple percolation systems are included in some bubblers, which can result in even smoother and cooler smoke. Think about the percolation system that will be most effective for you.
  • You have the option of bubblers with a permanent bowl or ones that have a removable bowl for the water chamber. While fixed bowls are more secure and less prone to break, removable bowls have the advantage of being simple to clean.
  • Another significant factor to think about is the bowl’s material. The most common option is glass, however it can be fragile. If you want a bubbler that will last a long time, metal or ceramic bowls are more sturdy and can be a better option. The size of the bowl is another factor to take into account. More herb can be stored in a larger bowl, but the bubbler may be more difficult to control. Pick a bowl size that suits your demands by taking into account your individual requirements.
  • Finally, think about the bubbler’s cost. The cost of a bubbler might vary from a few dollars to several hundred. Choose a bubbler that fits within your budget after determining your budget.

Conclusion : Is Smoking Out Of A Bubbler Better?

Overall, a bubbler is a great option for smokers who want a portable, discreet, and efficient smoking experience. The water in the chamber helps to cool and filter the smoke, making it smoother and more pleasant to inhale. Take into account the size and design, the material, the percolation system, the water chamber, the material and size of the bowl, and the price when selecting a bubbler. You may discover the ideal bubbler for your needs by taking all these factors into account but you can find the best choices in this article and save you the effort of finding the right bubbler on your own.

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